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Potion Bar

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

This supernatural time management game was really different, and somewhat magickal. A newspaper columnist gets an invitation to go to a shady club downtown, and next thing she knows, she is under a geass to run a Potion Bar! There is a former proprietor we only know as Jack, and a talking black and white tabby cat that helps us run the place. We serve up potions to unusual patrons, like Rastafarians, flower children, adventurers, witches, fortune tellers and so on…

Our work takes us to magickal ports of call via teleportation, from San Fransisco to Istanbul, to London and more as we work the bar we are bound to, and hunt for the mysterious Jack. Our drinks are not the usual mixes like Rum & Coke, oh, hell no! They feature herbs like Rastafarians, flower children, adventurers, witches, fortune tellers, and even phoenix feathers. Once a week we brew up new potions for the bar in a hidden object game using weird ingredients, and some looking like a Cosmic Climax from Jungle Jims in Lake Buena Vista.