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The Adventures of Tintin: Discover how far adventure will take you.

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Such a great endeavor made by contemporary movie legends should not go unnoticed, and The Adventures of Tintin is exactly what is needed for a great family movie night. This movie was a collaboration of Wingnut and Amblin, produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Steven Spielberg, and with such epic backing, you know you can’t go wrong. This film is based on the series of adventure stories by HergĂ©, set in Post WWI Europe, but Tintin’s tales take us all over the world.

This particular story focuses on the young freelance investigative reporter’s discovery of a model of a sailing ship he bought in the local market. Being a bright young man, Tintin (Jamie Bell) is knowledgeable about history, he buys the model from a vendor for a pound, but finds this ship to be far more valuable, as there are people out there willing to steal, lie, cheat and kill for it. Two men ask to buy it from him, first an American detective, then, a Mr. Sakharine (Daniel Craig), whom is most adamant about having it. This is a model of the galleon, The Unicorn, a merchant vessel from the 17th century, that was commonly used to transport rum and tobacco from the New World, but there is more to it than being just a model.

The Hobbit (TV 1977) The Greatest Adventure

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This is a wonderful rendition done by Rankin and Bass from the adaptive screenplay written by Romeo Muller based on the original version of The Hobbit. While it doesn’t follow everything that happened in the book it does well to cover the main points of the story. You have to remember this was made for children and for TV so there were many things that they just would not even be able to show. It is truly amazing that The Hobbit was even considered a children’s book as it is both scary and terrifying, especially for small children. I know that I as a child and that of my own son had nightmares after seeing this film. The funny thing is that after seeing it and having the bad dreams children of all ages wind up wanting to see it again. Rankin and Bass did some truly amazing things with animation and all before there was even any computers to work with. Every cell as hand drawn and hand painted to give us this masterpiece of both cinematography and artwork. Anyone who loves the collected works of Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr. will want to have this one in their collection.