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Arthur 3 The War Of Two Worlds

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An action packed adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat. The American and British Arthur and the Invisibles might have been choppy due to trying to kiddify it but this one is smooth as silk and given to us just the way it was meant to be. Sure there are parallels with other films but aren’t most children’s stories and films? It is a child’s story with lots of grownup actions for the rest of us that watch with our children. Some parts are blatantly stolen from other films and I doubt the original producers, directors and owners mind. I am sure they got as much of a kick out of it as I am sure that you will. This film is the perfect conclusion to the trilogy and I hope that they come back to revisit it some time with even more adventures for us.

Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard

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It’s been ten moons since Arthur (Freddie Highmore) saved the kingdom of the Minimoys from the evil Emperor Maltazard (Lou Reed). We are back at Granny’s farm outside of Daisy Town, a town in New England. Athur’s mother, Rose (Penny Balfour), and father, Armand (Robert Stanton), are ready to go back to NYC as summer vacation is ending, but Arthur has promised to go back to see Selenia (Selena Gomez), the crown princess of the Minimoys. In the first movie, Selenia has already chosen Arthur to be her future husband king. A party had been planned for his return. Arthur’s father is not a big fan of nature, and is doing everything to protect Arthur from bees, which Arthur allergic, too. Arthur has been living among the Bogo Matassalai, a tribe of Maasai-like people that have taken residence on Grandpa Archibald’s (Ron Crawford) farm. He has been learning to become on with nature and the elements, and has mastered this at age 13, much to his grandfather’s pride. Arthur’s mother is a bit of a klutz, but she knows that the way her husband is going about to protect Arthur is wrong. When Rose sees a trail of ants going up to Arthur’s bedroom, she wonders just how much in tune he is with the creatures of the gardens on the farm. Arthur received a new passenger car for his electric train, and the ants have come on board to test out the ride. We see them all settled into the little plastic seats like human passengers, until Rose picks up the car to inspect it, and the ants hide from her view by outlining the windows with their bodies.