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Sniglet of the Day : July 6

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Sniglet Of The DayJiffylust (ji’ phee lust) – n. The inability to be the first person to carve into a brand-new beautiful jar of peanut butter.

It doesn’t matter if you are just making a PB&J, or baking up a batch of peanut butter cookies, or candy, when you first open up that plastic lid, then peel back the seal, you are hit with an amazing aroma of peanutty flavour, and the top looks so smooth, you tend to forget that the peanut butter’s destiny is for you to consume it. So you take that spoon or knife gingerly, still not quite ready to mar that surface, but that sandwich/cookies/candy is waiting for its main ingredient, so you have to get past that jiffylust and indulge in the vandalism for the sake of your culinary arts. Getting past the jiffylust might be easier than you realise, because the end results are going to be worth it. You know you have people waiting for those warm cookies or fudge, and, especially in the South, they can’t just seem to get enough of the peanutty goodness of George Washington Carver’s tastiest invention. So, don’t be too upset when you cut into that tan surface, because all those wonderful roasted peanuts died for a great cause, and what cause could be greater than homemade peanut butter cookies?