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A Knight’s Tale : He Will Rock You

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This movie was a blockbuster in 2001, and rightly so. Director/writer Brian Hegleland treated us to a tale of jousting tournaments set in mostly France and partly in England in the 14th century, but with a soundtrack featuring upbeat classic rock with artists like Queen, Bachmann Turner Overdrive, and David Bowie. Even though the lead actor was Heath Ledger, whom stole the show in The Dark Knight years later as The Joker, it is the supporting cast that keeps this movie flowing so well. It is pure entertainment that will keep anyone riveted for the duration of the movie. There is no slowing down at all.

Inkheart : Every story ever written is just waiting to become real.

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This sleeper family hit was much overlooked by the industry when it came out three years ago. It could be the heavy European overtones, or the fact that it was a subject matter that was hard for mainstream Hollywood to grasp at, but Inkheart is a movie that really should not be missed. So, let me tell you a bit about Mortimer Folchart (Brendan Fraser) and his family.

Mortimer or “Mo” for short, is what is known as a “silvertongue”. He has a magical ability to bring life to fictional characters and things from books as he reads them. One night, as he was reading the book “Inkheart” to his daughter and wife, his talent came to life, and suddenly his world was turned upside down as two villainous characters known as “Capricorn” (Andy Serkis) and “Basta” (Jamie Foreman) came from the book. The downside of having the abilities of a silvertongue is that if someone comes out a book, someone from this world is drawn back into the book. That night, Mo lost his wife, Resa Folchart (Sienna Guillory) to this magic, and has been searching for this rare book, Inkheart, ever since. Not only did he release Capricorn that night, but another character, Dustfinger (Paul Bettany), an entertainer with the ability to manipulate fire, and a little mischievous ferret with horns, Gwin, as well.

Legion (2010) Heaven Will Unleash Hell On Earth

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The world is going to hell in a handbasket and the almighty wants to help it along. God is pissed and now he is going to piss it all away and he is going to send his angels from on high to do it. They are not going to rain down judgement they are going to drive us all insane and we are going to kill each other with them in our bodies. The angels are going to possess us not the demons. I am sure if any demons were around they might actually try and help us just to rub coal in the eye of God. The only thing more hated then this film are the critics that tore it up worse then the Titanic of Posiden. This movie gets a bad rap for all the wrong reasons just like the republicans get praised for all the wrong reasons. They just didn’t like this film because it did not conform to what they think a horror show or thriller should be like. Can you believe that Piranha got better reviews then this film? I guess they didn’t add enough blood and random violence to the budget to attract all the sycophants out there. It is also quite possibly that the producers didn’t pay the churches enough to shut their mouths about this film. Like any film it has its good points and bad but it is not as horrible as the critics would like you to believe.