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Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

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Jules Verne brought us wonderful stories, and Hollywood has both good and bad luck adapting them. This 1959 adaptation is one of the best, and still a classic which people never get tired of seeing. The main cast is small, James Mason as Sir Oliver S. Lindenbrook, a genius geologist who does not care for the fripperies and little details of fashion and entertaining the people of his class in Scotland are so worried about. He is all about the science, and even his housestaff scolds him when he gets lost in his work. Dr. Lindenbrook’s ward is his niece, Jenny (Diane Baker). Jenny also is the fiancee’ of Lindenbrook’ student,
Alexander ‘Alec’ McKuen (Pat Boone). McKuen is often doing whatever he can to gain the professor’s approval so he can impress him and make himself look better in Lindenbrook’s eyes. He is torn between devotion to his science and to his intended bride, but when he comes across a an unusual rock in a curiosity shoppe, he brings it to the professor. The rock is a igneous sample native to the volcanoes in Italy, but its weight is way too heavy. The professor takes the rock to his lab, and due to a small explosive accident, he finds a plumbob inside the rock with three notches on it. The plumbob is made from one of the heaviest rocks on Earth, one native to Iceland. The mystery is, how does a rock from Iceland pop out of a volcano in Italy?