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Sniglet of the Day: November 12

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Sniglet Of The DayParkrastinate n. The inability to decide which parking space to choose in a near empty parking lot.

So you’ve looked forward to this trip to the mall/themepark/concert for awhile, and you arrived early to get a good parking spot, but maybe too early. There are just too many to choose from! This is just way too much space to deal with! How nice it could be if every outing was this… overwhelming! So, you just sit there in the idling car and parkrastinate. Should you get the one nearest the door? If you do, how hard will it be to leave later when everyone else is filing out? If you are there for a concert, it might be a good idea to park close and let everyone leave before you so you can get the ringing out of your ears. If this is a Black Friday sale, park far away, because it will be worth the walk to get out of the lot safely. As to themepark, most of the bigger ones have trams that take you anywhere, so parkrastinating should not be much of a problem. Now get out there and don’t take these events too seriously. They might be rare or even just annual, but not worth parkrastinating for.

Sniglet of the Day : May 5

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Sniglet Of The Daycartashock – to look for a parking space close to a grocery or discount store, only to find it filled with shopping carts. A variation of kawashock.

It’s another fun shopping day, and hey, it’s also Cinco de Mayo. When you go running to the local grocery or discount store for your nacho chips, cheese, and Mexican beer, and margarita mixes, don’t be surprised if you end up getting cartashock. For some reason, a random parking spot, always close to the store, has been somehow designated to be an unofficial cart corral by some lazy customer who did not want to run the cart to the regular cart corral. Other customers see one cart in that empty spot, and add theirs which leads to the cartashock that you are currently going through. That’s not a very fun way to celebrate this holiday that just sort of popped up for everyone some years ago. When you do recover from the cartashock, put your anger away, and just think of how much easier the job will be for those bag boys and girls that have to go round these carts up. Eventually, that spot will be able to take a car or motorcycle again. Too bad you missed your chance this time.