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Sniglet of the Day : April 21

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Sniglet Of The Dayflirr (flur) – n. A photograph that features the camera operator’s finger in the corner.

No matter how pictures are taken, whether digital or analog, the flirr is somehow going to show up. Oh, you can get rid of it from digital pics by using a paint program, but for those who still do things the old-fashioned way, the flirr is something you might just have to live with. So no matter if you use a cheapy disposable camera purchased at a cheesy, neon-decorated souvenir/beach store, or a top of the line camera that might be the rage in Japan with high-end analog photographers, If you don’t get your finger away from the lens, the flirr is going to be there. How to avoid the flirr? Tripods are good idea, but not for taking pics on the fly at theme parks or wild parties, If you take pics at wild parties, you most likely won’t even know whose flirr that might be in the picture. If the pics are taken at very wild party, the flirr might be caused by an unidentified body part that got too close to the lens. So, watch where you place your hands on that camera, because the flirr you cause might cover up something very important.