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Frank Herbert’s Dune (TV mini-series 2000)

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Artisan Home Entertainment and SciFi channel (before it became SyFy) released the best adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune to date. It is a story of intrigue, politics, betrayal, lust, greed. It is also about the coming of a Messiah that is supposed to free the people of the desert planet Dune also called Arrakis. This 3 part mini series is almost impossible to not want to site and watch the entire film at once. It draws you in and holds on to you. This film makes you want to root for the characters, your entire body needs for them to succeed. Sometimes Artisan Home Entertainment can give us some real stinkers but this is not one of them. This is a classic and if SciFy had not become SyFy we might have gotten all of the books done this well. This is not the crap that David Lynch and Sting brought us, this is a riveting tale of how a boy becomes a man and then the Savior of the entire planet and his family.