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Dancing Craze

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This time management game is a little different than our usual run around the restaurant for tips kind of game. In this game, you play a dance instructor that is helping out a friend that is looking for dancers to star in her music video. In Dancing Craze,You start in a little East Coast studio, teaching various street dances, both current and retro. You keep the dancers strong and happy by making them smoothies, giving them towels, soda and juice, and offering other services like massages, fitness training, and dance training, You do this all the while you are looking for that team of dancers that is going to make your friend an overnight sensation and the newest pop diva.

Sniglet of the Day : March 1

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Sniglet Of The Day Kattibat – a catty, boiterous woman that is bitchy about her opinions.

Kattibats are everywhere, mostly in the bigger cities that have high-end media to maintain. Kattibats are rare in small towns, but there are still some here and there. The most vocal kattibats are seen on entertainment channels like E! Kattibats are the mainstay for these fashionistas who think that sensible fashion means frumpy. The red carpet performers who came to the Ocsars were given the kattibat treatment by some of these women. The actresses, directors and other behind the scenes people take this in stride, because without them, the kattibats of Hollywood would have no job. There are kattibats in New York and London of a different variety, plus other kinds of kattibats on Long Island, and even in more laid back places like Miami and Atlanta. Kattibats are not exclusively female (male version – kattibass), but they tend to get the most press and make the biggest stink about whatever opinion they feel they need to share with their little part of the universe, which, of course, should be revolving around them. Kattibats and kattibasses are best to be avoided, but if you are in a position in the entertainment media, with the exception of radio, or even writing, you cannot hide from them. Even if you are living a mainstream life, you will encounter them. If you encounter the online versions of them in an MMO, remember that the face behind the kattibat avatar in a RPG is most likely going to be male, so be prepared with some L337 snappy comments of your own to counteract them. Women who actually play MMOs are rarely ever kattibats, and are most likely hiding from the real ones. Unless you manage to become an overnight sensation, coming to terms with kattibats is something you most likely will not have to deal with.