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Warhawk_usa_ps3When I got Warhawk for the PlayStation 3, I thinking it was going to be like the PSone version. TThe first time I played this game there was no single player at all. This is a online game. This game doesn’t have a storyline. This game is like Quake III Arena. Quake III Arena didn’t have a storyline, either.

I like to play online games like Guild Wars or other RPG games, Call of Duty, and Soul Calibur but, this game you are just Shooting targets and facing against your friends, that’s it. There no fun that. This game need storyline. There other online games have storylines and this needs it. This game is a third-person shooter, not a first-person. The graphics in this game are pretty good for old PS3 game. The graphics kind remind me of Quake 4. Quake 4 is only for the XBOX 360, but this game came out after Quake 4 and this game is only for the PlayStation 3. The gameplay is ok. It runs like Star Wars: Battle Front, but this came out after Star Wars: Battle Front and Star Wars: Battle Front is only for PlayStation 2. I would rather play Star Wars: Battle Front than this game. Star Wars: Battle Front had a storyline.

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness

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We know there World of Warcraft but there Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and it even better than World of Warcraft. In this game you are building and army. This game is about two races fighting each other. The races are the human and the orcs. You can play either of those two races. I always played the humans because the humans are on the good side. I always play the good side in every videogame. When you play this there a map on the left side of the computer screen and the blue and red tiny spot on map. The blue is the humans and the red are the orcs. When I look at that map it reminds me about the politics. The Democrats is the blue and the red are the Republicans. The graphics in this game are better than World of Warcraft. The gameplay in this kind like Age of Empires. You are building walls, training solders, building battleships and farms. The gameplay in this game isn’t World of Warcraft.

Champions: On Alert

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Champions Online has had a make over and is now free to play and hosted by Perfect World. Originally coded and made by Cryptic we now have the MMO that is free to play and actually quite fun to play as well. From the time that you log in to the time you log out you do have fun with the characters that you make. Even making a character is fun to do and you could spend an hour or more just doing that. The hardest part of the game was waiting for the game to download and then patch itself. For those with very VERY fast download speeds it wont take you long but those with slow DSL will be waiting a while as when I downloaded the game it was 3 and a half gigs and the patch was 256 megs. Even after patching the game still is loading areas and textures in the background which might give you a few hick-ups now and then but nothing that will get your character killed as you play.

Review: The Guild

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The GuildI have recently been watching The Guild featuring Felicia Day. It is absolutely hilarious and a fun to watch. The whole series is about a group of people, The Guild and the main focus of the show is that of Felicia Day’s character Codex. She has lost her job, lost her therapist and has no life except that of the online game.

In the first episode she is on a guild run and on the phone with her therapist at the same time as well as trying to talk with everyone else by voice. Too much multitasking causes several character deaths and frustration. It is then that they realize one of their members is missing, Zaboo. Just then there is a knock at the door and Zaboo is there to flirt and stay with Codex. From there is is just non stop run on comedy.

I just love Zaboo comment about having to take the kiddies to the pool, lol. If you want to know what that means then you are just going to have to go see the episodes for yourself.

Review: Guild Wars Factions

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Guild Wars Factions
Fun Factor:★★★★¾ 

Guild Wars Factions is the 2nd installment on and the sequel to the award wining MMO Guild Wars Prophecies. This game takes place at the same time as when characters reach the burnt and ruined city of Ascalon after the Charr invasion. This extension of the game gives a whole new depth and feeling to the game that it never had before. You might even say it was the best Guild Wars titles of the 3 main storylines that involve the minions of Abaddon, the god of Secrets.