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Human Classes in Guild Wars 2: It’s not what you think…

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We have been doing quite a bit of commentary on the Guild Wars 2 open beta test this weekend, and now it’s time to look into something a little different than we are used to when it comes to classes, and that is dealing with social classes.

I have tried all three of the opening social class stories. One as a middle class elementalist, where we help out a friend whose father runs a tavern. One as a upper crust necromancer who helps out an rather arrogant friend that can’t seem to keep out of trouble. One I played as a former street rat engineer whose old friend kept getting into trouble with the leader of a notorious street gang. All of these classes, and professions have their pros and cons, but it was the engineer I seemed to have the most trouble with. Having steampunk-style weapons is great, but when certain bosses just keep taking your death penalty further and further down. I do know that if I had been able to stay in party with Clisair’s mesmer character, we might have had a better run at taking down that nasty skale boss.

Creating A Norn Ranger in Guild Wars 2

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Here you get to see what it is like to make a Norn Ranger in GW2. This was made as I narrated the creation process while I was using Game Cam to capture it all. I hope that you enjoy the show and feel free to comment on the video and or the creation process.

Hope to see you all in side the game during this Beta Event weekend for Guild Wars 2. You are sure to have fun playing the game and seeing what it is that Arena Net and the Guild Wars team has come up for us to play with. Keep in mind that the game is still beta and we are helping the Devs to finish the game by stress testing the servers as well as documenting any and all bugs that we find in the game. Just remember to have fun while you are doing it as well.

Guild Wars 2 First Beta Weekend

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This weekend started the first public beta weekend with no NDA and what a weekend it is starting out to be. So far things look very polished though we are only able to play Norn, Human or Char at least on the world that I chose to play. I can not say what the other ones will or would allow but I am sure that they will be testing everything out thoroughly as the beta events go on.

Starting I took a look at the various races that were open and they are cute as can be on the females and rather hansom for the males. You are able to control all the various aspects of your characters physical appearance. You can control the heights, the weight as well as the various parts of the body. Where you see the most sliders are that of the face. You have three sections for those, you have the eyes, the nose and the mouth and chin. Each giving you various different options so that you can make a character that is uniquely your own. I literally spent 30 minutes just deciding how I wanted my toon to look. Some would want to jump right in but I wanted to see all the options that were available for character creation.