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Ninja Gaiden

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Ninja Gaiden is a fun Ninja game you will want to play on the original XBOX, Xbox 360, and PS3. I just played the PS3 version. The PS3 version is Ninja Gaiden Sigma and the XBox 360 version is Ninja Gaiden Black. This game is part of the DOA series. This game is about the young Dragon ninja name Ryu Hayabusa as he fights against the Black Spider Ninja Clan to save his village. He is lent the legendary Dragon Sword by his father. Ryu Hayabusa is in the DOA games. He was been around before the DOA series. There is another character of the DOA series and her name Ayane. Yes! Kasumi’s worst enemy and hateful friend. She was a mean, evil, and sexy woman in the DOA series, but in this game she is one of the good guys. She will help you in the game when you die too many times. There one more character in this game and she is not in the DOA series. Her name Rachel. She is a demon hunter and it looks like Dante found himself girlfriend. He isn’t this game, though.