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Sniglet of the Day : December 28

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Sniglet Of The DaySpontanudity (spon-tuh-noo-di-tee) n. A quick or rash decision to remove clothing, usually in public and usually after imbibing a large amount of alcohol.

Well, holiday parties are both ahead and behind us. So how many of you Musings readers got caught up in some spontanudity at the office holiday party this year? It might not have been so risky back in the day before the camera phones. If you did get caught on film, it was usually because someone was carrying around a Polaroid camera, and blessed be that there was no YouTube so millions of people around the world could not see how freaky you could be once a certain amount of booze got into your system. Spontanudity sure isn’t what it used to be. It’s just too risky to let the good times roll any more. With high level security everywhere, and frivolous lawsuits dropping on circuit court clerks desks like jellybeans from a bag on Easter Sunday, it’s best to slow down on the free bar, and stick with soda pop and fruit juice, maybe even bottled water. So, have fun on New Year’s Eve, and if you get caught in a shower of champagne, don’t try to drink it. Just enjoy the not-so-wise party goers when they run the risk of spontanudity instead.

What’s the Matter Here?

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When did we become a nation of impatient rude idiots? Okay, so not all of us are that way, but come on people! Why are so many people getting caught in the act of freaking out angry over fast food orders? Not everyone is perfect. Someone might skip out of line in the drive thru and the cashiers don’t catch it right away. Sometimes the wrong sandwich goes in the bag, or maybe the cashier just might be in need of an eye exam. These are little mistakes, and most sane people will take the matter back to where it happened and ask for a replacement. These businesses rely on repeat business, especially in smaller towns, so they are most likely going to comply without much of a fuss so long as you bring back the item in question or a receipt. Now for the insanity…