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Indiana Jones and the Raiders Of The Lost Ark

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A film full of mystery, occult and wonder as we are taken on a journey of both discovery and adventure. It is still as great today as it was when it first hit the screen in 1981. This is a classic that is never going to die and drops us into the middle of a time when the world was still a mysterious place. A time when just looking for something was a reward unto it’s self. The film might seem to start slow but it quickly picks up the pace ad Indy tries to stay one step ahead of all the traps and pitfalls that are in front and chasing him. You will love the ride that is Indiana Jones and the Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Yes, I called it a ride because that is what it is. Like a roller coaster we are being pulled up the hill and then plummeted down the next as we try and keep up with what is now our hero. Lucas and Spielberg definitely knew what they were doing with this film.