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Peggle Deluxe

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FunFactor: ★★★★☆ 

Peggle Deluxe is a fun variation on the classic pachinko games of the Pacific Rim, but with many levels and challenges. Your guides through this are ten different creatures that teach you tricks that can boost your scores when you activate the special pegs in each puzzle. The puzzles all have different themes, according to whatever creature happens to guiding you at the time of play. You release the ball and just hope it bounces in all the correct places to gain a high score with the least amount of attempts. The fewer balls used to remove the orange pegs from the board, the better the bonuses, and there are so many different kinds of bonuses! Not only that, you still get points for the little blue basic pegs, and if you are lucky enough to get a purple peg, that’s even more points. The green pegs give you the tricks, from the super bounce and multi ball, to the zen ball and the spooky ball. It’s addictive fun, and about the closest many of us will get to playing pachinko. If you have an urge to try something exotic, go play Peggle Deluxe right now.