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Sniglet of the Day: July 16

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Sniglet Of The DayTraficulous – the condition that exists while driving, when you are trying to pull out through an intersection where it is clear to the right but not to the left, then it is clear to the left but not the right then the same over and over again.

Traficulous, a fusion of “traffic” and “ridiculous”, is the only term that would describe this annoying condition, and it happens nationwide. From beach drives to mountain roads, in metropoli and small country towns, everywhere you go has some sort of rush hour, and that is usually when the traficulous condition usually takes place. It could happen on A1A in Miami, or on Santa Monica Boulevard, or even Nome, Alaska. Anywhere you might find a clear path through an intersection, and SURPRISE! A huge SUV comes barreling your way from the right. It passes, you creep out again, looking to take your shot, and ZOOM! A high-performance European sportscar comes zipping through from the left. It seems like your little eco-friendly egg beater won’t be going anywhere soon, escpecially if that is a stop sign or a blinking red light you are at (Yes, there are still many places that have those!), and not a real traffic light. So good luck on the roads today, and be that lucky person that the traficulous does not happen to.