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Sniglet of the Day : December 31

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Sniglet Of The DayFictate (fik’ tayt) – v. To inform a television or screen character of impending danger under the assumption they can hear you.

Many great movies come out during the holiday season, and no matter what genre they fall under, you might find yourself fictating through some of them. This will usually happen with adventure and horror movies, but it can happen with family films, and maybe even romantic comedies, if the characters are acting stupid enough. This will be most common with horror films, even though we expect characters to get caught up in dangerous situations with antagonists like demons, monsters, aliens, vampires, and insane psychotic serial killers, maybe even Death itself. It can happen with adventure films when the hero goes into a tomb filled with snakes or spiders or other creepy vermin that makes our skin crawl. No matter what the fictional situation, we tend to forget that these characters are not real, and if the movies is really good, we might find ourselves telling these scripted characters where not to go, or trying to warn them to Watch Out! It’s right behind you!

Monsters vs Aliens: The Weird Will Save The World.

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Monsters have been underrated in the media lately, but Dreamworks sure know how to make sure we don’t forget about them. Monsters Vs. Aliens takes our favourite classic sci-fi cheese monsters from the 50s and 60s and brings them together to fight an equally cheesy alien and his army of clones before they can invade Earth. It all starts at a wedding in the town of Modesto, California back in what seems to be the early 80s. Susan Murphy’s (Reese Witherspoon) dream are about to come true as she is soon to be married to local TV weatherman, Derek Deitl (Paul Rudd) when a freak meteor storm hit the grounds of the church where they are about to take the vows. Susan is outside, fighting with a fit of cold feet, when she is hit by a mutagen-laced meteorite. She gets a bit scuffed up and dirty, but still looks okay, and her mother, Wendy Murphy (Julie White) comes out to get her. They go back into the church, and Susan is now ready to walk down the aisle, but as she does, she grows, and grows, rapidly, and soon, her head is hitting the ceiling of the chapel, and her guests are running in hysterics. Susan is frantic, not knowing what has happened, and she vows to Derek that she will find a way to fix things back to way they were. Fed forces come to the church, and tranq Susan, and she goes blank.

The Cave (2005)

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Before the Decent there was The Cave, a cave that will willingly rip your heart out and then change you in ways that you never thought possible. All those that have entered the cave seldom ever return, that is till now! The Cave is a horror film the way it should be, it is suspenseful with the right amount of pop and not a lot of blood. You don’t need blood to be scared and this film proves that. Anyone who thinks this film is not a trilling and suspenseful horror film must be in a coma.

In the past the cave was guarded by monks and before that demons were fought to keep the creatures at bay. Now the monks are gone and there is no one to stop stupid cave divers from going places that they should not. The cave is infested and will change anything and everything that comes in to disturb what is there. There is an ancient evil living there and should not be let out. In the beginning of the film we find some ex military men wanting a thrill to go cave diving where no one has went before. They want a thrill and what they get instead is death and disfigurement.