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Sniglet of the Day : March 31

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Sniglet Of The DayDRYLOWGRAPHS (dry’ loh grafs) n. Strange, unintelligible symbols that accompany the washing instructions on clothing labels.

Drylowgraphs look like something off the walls of some ancient tomb from, well, pick a place! They are actually a very modern invention, and very few know what they mean. Sometimes the show up on clothing labels, and sometimes not. Sometimes you will get regular washing instructions along with drylowgraphs. Has anyone been able to find out what these mean? Do we need to hunt down some kind of Rosetta Stone at the local laundromat or launderette to figure these things out? You have something that looks like a upside-down trapezoid with a number in it, a triangle with an X through it, and some other kinds of bizarre symbols that have most likely not been used in a Wingdings font set up. They are too weird to even be called wingdings. I don’t know if anyone has actually be brave enough to call the clothing manufacturer to find out what these symbols means. It seems like if they did, the PR people on the other end of the line might laugh at them, at the very least. If you can decipher drylowgraphs, great! Now you can let the rest of us know what they say.