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Lost In Space (1998) Danger Will Robinson

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There was once a time when films were meant to entertain and amuse us and we didn’t really care about the science that was behind the film. The unbelievable was the norm and we just loved it. Unfortunately Lost In Space was made when critics and the masses lead by the nose thought that if the science didn’t add up then it was a crap film. Who cares if the science is right if the film is awesome and entertaining. Yes, I said awesome and this film does fall into that category. It is entertaining, full of action and definitely not as dull as the TV show was. Don’t get me wrong, the TV show was great for its time but compare it to the film and it is just 1950’s put the women in their place drivel and dull. This film was updated for the times which gave it an all new charm that just didn’t get the play that it should have. When you have reviewers being hard nosed critics and crying that it wasn’t like the original then it is time just to go crawl in a hole and I don’t give a damn what Plinkett might say about any film. This film does have merit and is fun to watch and I am damn glad they tossed out the 50’s mentality of the old show.