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Ever After: A Cinderella Story

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With a new wave of fairytale based movies hitting the theaters and Blu-ray sales this winter season, it seemed like this was a good time to remind readers of a sweet sleeper from the late 90s that they may want to consider taking a good look at. The movie starts in the mid-1800s in France. The Brothers Grimm, Wilhelm (Joerg Stadler) and Jacob (Andy Henderson) are meeting with the Grande Dame (Jeanne Moreau), an exiled noblewoman whose lineage goes back to the royal house of France from before the Revolution. In her home is a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci (Patrick Godfrey). It is a simple monochromatic portrait of a young woman, and it is here were the tale of Ever After really begins, when the Grande Dame shows the brothers a slipper of 16th century design with a glass heel. She then tells them the story of Danielle de Barbarac, her ancestor with a complicated past, and how things are not so magical as they or their rival, Charles Perrault thinks these folk tales might be.

Detroit Rock City

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The year is 1978, disco might be king in society, but you will not see the members of the band, Mystery, Lex (Giuseppe Andrews), Trip (James DeBello), Hawk (Edward Furlong), or Jam (Sam Huntington) busting down any doors to get into Studio 54. These guys hate disco with a passion. They are all about the rock n roll and they are the most devoted fans of KISS. Well, about as devoted as four teens from Cleveland, Ohio can get, anyway. They have some issues when it comes to getting to see their favourite rock gods.