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Sniglet of the Day : December 2

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Sniglet Of The DayMoonbat—We really don’t need another word for someone with bats in their belfry who bay at the moon but this one still has a nice ring about it. This also works great for describing the current stable of Republican candidates running for President and the media outlets that support them.

Did you know there is a swarm of moonbats zipping around the United States? They could be hanging out at your local movie theater going batty over the latest Twilight phenomenon, but the moonbats that have been getting the most attention are currently roosting above the right-wingnut guana they have created in the states of New Hampshire and Iowa. Everyday, the media moonbats reflect on every word spoken by them and even the words spoken by their more sane opponents. Even though Samhain is over, and Yuletide shopping has created temporary moonbats in many of the discount stores across the nation, this species only comes from their roost once a year, then they become normal people again. Will we be invaded by even more moonbats in the coming months until this time next year? Most likely, and don’t expect them to stay contained to the Midwest and New England. It’s open season on the moonbats, and we must do everything we can to make sure they stay out of Washington next year. Not even the Mayan Doomsday prophecies can stop the destruction the moonbats can cause.

Sniglet of the Day: November 20

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Sniglet Of The DayElectile Dysfunction—The inability to become aroused by any of the candidates in an election

GOP primaries are coming up very soon, and with the way things are going, according to media outlets, it looks like many Republican voters are going to suffer from Electile Dysfunction in choosing someone to run against Obama in November. Of course, it does not help any of them with the fact that the press hangs on to their every word, or their dubious histories. There are actually some without dubious histories, but sadly, these guys are not the squeaky wheels, nor are they holding names that Tea Partiers are familiar with, nor are they “conservative” enough for them. It makes you wonder how conservative these candidates have to be to get on these voters’ good side? Are the Tea Partiers wanting to jump start a holy war to bring in that Second Coming they have been looking forward to for over a thousand years now? Are they wanting the whole world to become a desert just like the areas that the Cradle of Civilization, now one of the most uncivilized places on the planet, has become? Are they wanting to live the life of Mad Max, or anything else like any of those other 1980s post-apocalyptic movies showed us? I can understand the reasons for Electile Dysfunction, guys. Do the logical thing this upcoming primary, and use your left-brain to make your choice. You might find logic will overcome the disorder, and maybe by 2013, we will have some kind of wisdom in Washington.