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Jak 3

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Jak 3 is one of the best games that beats Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. Jak 3 is in the future and Medal of Honor: Rising Sun is in World War II. In Jak 3, you are at war against the Metal Heads and KG bots. In the beginning of the game, Jak gets cast out into the desert for doing nothing wrong. It seems like every time Jak get cast out or arrested for doing nothing wrong. They need to arrest the person who is doing the wrong things, not Jak.

In this game, you have to help the people out in the desert and you must fight the war in Haven City. In the desert, you get to drive sweet indestructible vehicles. You can kill alot bandits out in the desert. JaK 3 bandits are more challenging than bandits from Skyrim. The bandits from Skyrim are too easy to detect. This game is similar to Skyrim, but more colorful.

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

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medal_of_honorMedal of Honor: Rising Sun is a World War II game. In this game, you are not fighting against the Nazis. You are fighting against the Japanese. This game is all about when Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. You are playing a U.S. Marine named Joe Griffin and it is up to him to stop the Japanese taking over the world. This game is pretty good but not as good than Medal of Honor: Frontline. The graphics in really good than Medal of Honor: Frontline. EA did really good job in this game.

They updated the graphics, and the graphics looks great. Really good graphics for a old game. I love details and I love the explosions in this game. This came out after Medal of Honor: Frontline. The gameplay looks great. The gameplay looks much better than Medal of Honor: Frontline. When playing this you see all the people in this game looking Sims. The people look in this game like Sims 2 people and they act like Sims as well in this game. This game was issued before Sims 2 came out. If your friends come over to your place, you can get play single player with your friend now and face your friends in the multi-player, as well.