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Ponyo : Welcome To A World Where Anything Is Possible

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Ponyo-Blu-Ray-Front-CoverGhibli Studios never stops amazing the world with its tales of normal people in magical situations, and this time, the people of the sea and land come together in the tale of Ponyo. This is an unusual take on the Hans Christen Andersen story of The Little Mermaid, but it told from a very Japanese and modern day perspective.

Titam A.E. When Earth Ends, The Adventure Begins

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The year is 3028 A.D. and the world is in trouble. The planet has become so overcrowded that they have to look for someplace else to live. The only problem is there are no planets available for them so they have to think of something else. In looking for an answer they attracted the attention of the Drej because of the answer they found. The Drej are a race of energy beings that are a scourge of the universe and no one opposes them for if you do you are dead.

Professor Sam Tucker (Ron Perlman) has found the answer that humanity needs and just in time. He and the Titan project have built a ship that will make it so that humans can colonize the stars without the fear of the Drej. The Drej of course can not allow this and they want the entire planet and the whole race of humanity wiped out. They do not want the threat they cause to ever be or to be figured out and at the end of the film you see just why it is that the Drej feared man so much. In the mean time though Earth has to be evacuated before the Drej get there but as everything great, it is running behind schedule and the Drej get to earth before everyone is able to leave.

The Brothers Grimm: No curse we can’t reverse. No spell we can’t break. No demon we can’t exterminate.

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The year is 1812, Germany is occupied by the French during the Napoleonic Wars, and brothers Wilhelm (Matt Damon) and Jacob (Heath Ledger) Grimm are the Ghostbusters of the region, but for all the hags they have defeated, the demons they have vanquished, and the reputation they have gained, things are not as they seem. Jacob is a scholar,and knows of the tales of the region, and Wilhelm is a swindler, and uses Jacob’s knowledge of folklore to maintain a well-paid living. The go from town to town, using illusions, supposedly magical armour and artifacts to capture their undead and otherworldly prey. What the villagers they con do not know is that the creatures they capture and defeat are part of the illusion, and played by two other teammates in the Grimm business. Bunst (Richard Ridings) is the roadie, and does the work with the mechanics of the process. Hidlick (Mackenzie Crook) often plays the part of the creature they have been sent to capture. It’s not an honest living, but it is a good one.