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Below The Boat

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BelowTheBoatRan across one of the more interesting site that I have found in some time, Below The Boat. It is not about politics, movies or anything that would be considered controversial. What the site is, is something that I have always loves since I was a child, maps! Not just any kind of maps but ones that are nautical in nature, hydrographic charts that and are sure to be one of a kind no matter how many you might try and collect. These maps speak to you in a way that no other map could.

What makes these maps so unique is that they are laser cut from wood. So what you might say, but you just don’t understand because every piece of wood is like a finger print, totally unique and different. Also these maps are assembles and crafted by hand so that each is literally a one of a kind piece of art. And besides, they are just so cool to look at. One of my favorites is the one that they have done of the Chesapeake Bay, having spent some of my youth and adult hood in Baltimore and on the Easter Shore of Virginia. Here is a bit of the map to see for yourself.

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness

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We know there World of Warcraft but there Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and it even better than World of Warcraft. In this game you are building and army. This game is about two races fighting each other. The races are the human and the orcs. You can play either of those two races. I always played the humans because the humans are on the good side. I always play the good side in every videogame. When you play this there a map on the left side of the computer screen and the blue and red tiny spot on map. The blue is the humans and the red are the orcs. When I look at that map it reminds me about the politics. The Democrats is the blue and the red are the Republicans. The graphics in this game are better than World of Warcraft. The gameplay in this kind like Age of Empires. You are building walls, training solders, building battleships and farms. The gameplay in this game isn’t World of Warcraft.