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Mahjong World Contest

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

If you like the challenge of solitary mahjong, then you are really going to enjoy Mahjong World Contest. You will take on many, many different puzzles and challenges along the way, from timing, to taking out certain tiles, to clearing the board in less than so many moves. Each puzzle offer three different challenges, and you earn a star for each one you complete. This is one great strategy game, but I have yet to find something in a casual mahjong game that looks as fun as the games they played in Kung Fu Mahjong, but this one will keep you on your toes. The light sounding music in the background is what you would commonly hear at your local Jade Lantern restaurant. It might explain why I was craving Egg Drop Soup, General Tso chicken, and China Black Tea while playing this game.

World’s Greatest Places Mahjong

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

World’s Greatest Places Mahjong is not like any other mahjong game I have seen. You go through several stages of mahjong puzzles to get to each place, but the puzzles are unique. There is the classic mahjong, where you find matching tiles along the outer edges, then logic match, in which you match pictures of items that relate to each other, like match and candle, horse and horseshoe, letter and stamp, and so on. There is a Four Rivers mahjong game, then a non-match layout, which is truly the most difficult of the bunch. In the non-match, you have to find the two tiles on each level of the puzzle that do not match. When you find the golden check mark tiles at the bottom tier of the levels, and can capture them, then you go on to the next level. Your first set of puzzles starts at the Roman Coliseum, then you go on to other wondrous world landmarks, like The Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal, and so on. This worldwide journey will test your patience and your skill as you play these many variations of this beloved Chinese game to find all these tourist destinations. Good luck with taking on these puzzles, because the rewards are worth the time.
Some puzzles can be frustrating at times, but even a real vacation to Rome, China, or any of the place this game will take you to would be. So, book your flight with World’s Greatest Places Mahjong, and travel the globe by never leaving your desk.