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Review: The Polar Express

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The Polar ExpressOne of the best feel good films of the decade is that of The Polar Express starring Tom Hanks, Chris Coppola, Michael Jeter, and Leslie Zemeckis. This animated holiday film will melt the hearts of even the most ornery people and some just might even cry. It is a tale of a child that is loosing their belief of Santa and that of Christmas and how he gets that belief back. Even when you know the truth about the holiday and that of Santa we all want to believe that he is really there at the north pole.

The story starts with a boy, we really knew his name, in his bead trying to listen for the bells on the sleigh of Santa’s sleigh. He just doesn’t know what to believe and as the story progresses you understand why. He has collected clippings from news payers, photos of himself with store santas and covers of magazines that feature paintings from authors of the time. He wants to believe but just can’t seem to fully do so for all of the information and even the conversations that he overhears from his parents. We have all been like that at one point in our lives or another, we want to believe to make us and our lives better.