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That annoying new trend in TV advertising

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I don’t watch much TV, just the few shows you might have seen reviewed here, some movies, and news, maybe some cartoons occasionally. I really prefer my PC and PS3 games to TV. I’ve never seen American Idol or Jersey Shore, so I really don’t care who might be the next big thing or about whoever Snooki might be. These are just media fodder to me. My mainstay channels are Discovery, Syfy, The History Channel, CNN, BBC, and some HD stations like Palladium. Sadly, a nasty trend has taken over my favourite cable networks, and I don’t think it’s going away soon. THOSE LOUD COMMERCIALS THAT SPLIT YOUR EARS! You know the ones, used for multitudes of meds, that go on and on about how many side effects they might have, that you forget exactly what the medicine itself was for, and all those testosterone boosters. The man needs to fix his testicles, not his ears, you Madison Avenue idiots!

I really should not have to talk like I’m at a Little John concert at Club La Vela on Panama City Beach when I’m in own living room in Chipley. It’s fine if these networks want to carry these sponsors, but can’t the advertising agencies take a clue from Samantha and Darrin on Bewitched and come up with hot new products and slogans like they did back in the 60s, instead of using every nanometer of our surround sound systems to push Progene or Onglyza? Even CNN’s Robin Mead and Jennifer Westoven discussed the bad implications of these way too loud commercials, even though the same sponsors run their ads on CNN.