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Irish Jam

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A film that didn’t get enough attention as it deserved was Irish Jam. It is a funny film with lots of laughs, mismatched loves and a new love of Ireland, even if it was filmed in Cornwall. This film will have you wanting to be a bit green with Irish even if you don’t want to be. The town of Ballywood, Ireland is about to be repossessed and the community needs to find some help. The only place that isn’t mortgaged is that of the local pup, Finnigan’s. Its their ace in the hole, maybe their only way out, it is something that they can actually use. With the pup as backing they have ads posted in news papers in the United States for a contest. Send a poem and 5 dollars to Ballywood and have a chance to win a authentic Irish Pub. Actually a sound strategy when you have not other choice to save a town.