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Dead Rising 2

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Dead Rising 2 is a fun zombie-killing game you will like. I played the first Dead Rising game on the XBox 360 and it was pretty good. I didn’t know Capcom made the second Dead Rising game. I bought it from friend of mine and it is way better than the first game. I was playing it on the PS3 instead the XBox 360. Dead Rising is always fun and enjoyable to play.

This game take place after the first game. Chunk Greene killing zombies and finding survivors in the mall. He is getting set up by TK. TK has his own game show that is to see how many zombies you can kill. If you get the high score, you will win lots of money. TK released his zombies out in streets. Now, he has set up Chunk for crime that he never did. Now Chunk has to find proof that he is innocent. He has three days to do it.

Saints Row: The Third

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Saints Row: The Third is kind of like GTA, but even better. Saints Row: The Third has lots of action, blown up cars, getting cool weapons, lot of sexiness, and even more. This game blows GTA, Skyrim, and even Fallout 3, away. You are not fighting dragons, out in the wasteland, or playing a main character. In this game, you can make character and have fun playing the game. My character is a Japanese anime girl. She is a pretty good to play. The voice actor remind me of Rayne from BloodRayne.

This is the first Saints Row game that I played in the series. I heard this game is right after Saints Row 2. This game has mini games, main missions, and side missions. This game will take you a long time to beat. Yes, this game is open world. There is one thing weird about this game. some times, you have to use a giant sex toy to beat people with. Yes, you will run into alot of sex toys in this game. This game does have some funny parts, but most of it is action.

Lollipop Chainsaw

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Lollipop Chainsaw is about killing zombies coming from Hell. The main character you are playing is a cheerleader. The cheerleader’s name is Juliet. Juliet is carrying a chainsaw to kill zombies. She also carries a talking head, and the taking head is her boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s name is Nick. Nick is a talking head because his body was going to turn into a zombie.

The gameplay looks like some 80’s comic books. This game is about killing this person who opened the gateway of Hell and Juliet will stop him from destroying the world. In beginning of the game, Juliet was going to school and a bunch of zombies were at the school. There are some sports, in this game but zombie sports. There are two zombie sports in this game. One is zombie basketball and other is zombie zombie baseball. In zombie basketball, you are throwing a zombie heads in the basketball hoop. In zombie baseball, you are shooting zombies, so Nick can get home run. Nick can use a zombie body for other things like destroying what is in the way, or zombie baseball. Juliet can wear other outfits besides of the cheerleader uniform. If your health is down, Juliet eats a lollipop to heal up. So, If your getting tired of Resident Evil games, or if you want a different kind of zombie killing game, play Lollipop Chainsaw.