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The Incredible Hulk

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Banner is on the run and has been for some time. Now he is starting to get control of his body and is able to avert having The Hulk appear by controlling his heart rate. He takes special classes to help him manage his stress and his anger and has taken to wearing a special wristwatch that monitors his heart rate. That is where we start the film and from there it just flies into the action that you would expect with any film that has The Hulk. I think and feel that this is the best Hulk that they have made yet and a great inclusion for The Avengers. This Hulk has more feeling and emotion and even more intelligence then other versions.

The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring

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In 2001, the world awaited with baited breath to see the Trilogy finally unfold on the big screen. The epic scope was everything we dreamed of, but there were some bad flaws with this script. The hobbits and Gandalf were well done, and the Shire seems like the most peaceful place ever, but once Frodo and Samwise set out on their mission to destroy Sauron’s One Ring, things go artistically awry. We don’t really know in the telling of the film that Gandalf had been gone from the Shire for 17 years after Bilbo’s 111th birthday bash, or that Frodo and Samwise where 50 years old when they headed out. The obvious thing that gave this the PG-13 rating were the Ring-Wraiths. Many a child who saw this movie might have gotten a pretty good scare from them. So many things could have been added, and when you have so much to work with, perhaps it is best to remember to add some important secondary characters. The extremely old and merry Tom Bombadil was never even mentioned, as was his ever elusive quest, to have the water nymph, Goldberry, as his own. Bree-lands was as well as expected, but there was no mention of Bill Ferny and his Southern bandits. The Midgewater Marshes were just perfect, and there could never be enough bugs, as is true with any marsh. Weathertop and the Lonelands were a bit too green for plains, and the Trollshaws, where they met up with Arwen were far too open.