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Jessica’s BowWow Bistro

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Come down to Jessica’s BowWow Bistro and give your pooch an all natural treat made from the best ingredients. Jessica is upset that there seems to be no place that sells wholesome snacks for pets, so she has taken her bakery one step further and is making the best doggie treats, freshly baked, and warm from the oven. We’ll meet with her customers, the New Age woman with her silky Afghan Hound, the hunky guys from the beach with his boxer, the old man with his bulldog, and the little old lady with her chihuahua. This time management game takes a little spin on the typical bakery game with adding dog treats, but there are still noms here for the humans, too. Jessica’s Aunt Margaret runs a little kitchen that produces burgers and personal pizzas and other goodies to keep the dogs’ owners well-fed, also. Jessica’s BowWow Bistro is the sequel to Jessica’s Cupcake Cafe, a cute and fun addition to this small franchise of time management games. Keep those puppies and their owners happy with new kinds of treats and upgrades to your stores, and there will be the healthiest and happiest dogs ever when they come to Jessica’s BowWow Bistro.

Supermarket Management 2

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

Supermarket Management 2 was a little slow at the start, but as I played along, and added upgrades, the game became more and more fun. Kate keeps having these dreams and visions about the supermarket she works at. All kinds of disasters keep happening, and she tells her granny about it one day while they are doing yoga down at the beach. Granny says its time to get out of that store and run her own market. Kate takes the advice to heart and does just that. So on the first day, she is doing everything herself, stocking, keeping carts handy, and cashiering. It’s just too much for one person, even in a small grocery store. As we play along with Kate, we earn rewards that make the job easier. We hire new people, get shelves with more storage capacity, add new counters, and oh yes, many more shopping carts. Out customers are fun and varied, like the little old lady whom gets lost, the flirty biker dude, the upbeat fun girl, the seafood loving tourist, and the harried businessman, to name a few. Most of the time can run run the shift without a hitch, but you can’t win them all, and even in the world of gaming supermarkets, some things might cause conflict, such as running out of items, or not be quick enough with a customer on the run. Still, you can have some great fun with Supermarket Management 2. Now I’m off to test Supermarket Management.

Royal Challenge Solitaire

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FunFactor: ★★★☆☆ 

Royal Challenge Solitaire is a card game to make you feel like a little old lady on a rainy afternoon waiting for her cats to wake up. While this game had some challenging puzzles, there was virtually no sound at all but for the dealing of the cards on the antique tables. It ran in a sequential set up, sort of like Tri-Peaks, but the layouts were more elaborate. It was a very right-brain game, and if there was no sound in the house, you could very well find yourself getting sleepy. The tables had little decorations to make you feel like you might have been sitting at a table in a 1920s tearoom, but it never really distracted from the game itself. While Royal Challenge Solitaire had a scoring system that never made you take any losses when you did lose, it was pretty much the lack of sound that made it very hard to concentrate. If you want to give it a try, I suggest you keep Beach 95.1 running on your computer, because it will make this attempt at a nostalgic game a little easier to take. At least the music will be fun and high energy.

The Princess and the Frog (2009)

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Take a break from the tradition fairytale, and come to the 1920s Big Easy, where the gumbo is hot, and the jazz is even hotter than a bottle of Tabasco sauce. The Princess and The Frog takes us from the antebellum mansions of New Orleans to the bayou which is home to trumpet-playing gators and a huge family of Cajun fireflies, but first we need to find out why Tiana, our heroine, is such a workaholic, and how she got caught up in a nasty bit of voodoo magic cast by the no-good Dr. Facilier, when that spell was only meant for Prince Naveen.