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Sniglet of the Day : June 13

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Sniglet Of The DayNocturnuggets (nok’ ter nuh gitz) – n. Deposits found in one’s eye upon awakening in the morning, also called: GOZZAGAREENA, OPTIGOOK, EYEHOCKEY, etc.

We all get them, and if you do not, then there is something seriously wrong with your tear ducts, or you might be a Klingon. I’m writing about nocturnuggets. Those crackly, hard deposits left in the corner of your eyes in the morning. They sting like crazy i you don’t get the out immediately, and you always feel so much better when you do. Some mornings, on those drier days, you might think your eyes are trying to grow salt crystals from them in the night. The failed result are nocturnuggets, and you trash that little experiment every day, sometimes more than once a day. They can be irritating, and there have been urban legends that say if you forget to remove them, they might cause blindness. Well who would not want to remove them? Ew! Crunchy, crackly, little bits of goo that tried to push themselves out of your eyes in the night, of course you would want to remove them. It would just make you a little crazy if you did not. Sometimes there might be an eyelash caught on them, and that can be even more annoying, and even painful. Even though the sniglet of nocturnuggets is a fun thing to say, they sure are not fun thing to deal with.