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Major link structure update

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With Musings starting to get so big it was time for a change. Right now the site has as of this post 922 different unique Posts, 9 different Pages, 97 various Categories and a whopping 8,322 individual Tags. That is a great deal considering that the site has been up just over 13 months. Many blogs that are run in house by just 2 people usually do not even see that number in 2 or 3 years. It just shows that we are dedicated to making your experience here at Musings From Us as enjoyable as possible.

I know that I do not post as many articles or posts as my wife Rho does but I do much more on the site then just add content. Every time that she posts a review of a movie, DVD or video it is me that goes and collects the links that goes with it. It is me that goes and makes sure all of the screen shots are made and that a main graphic is used for the article. It is me that maintains the website in its entirety. While she might spend 20 minutes on the writing sometimes I might spend 2 hours on the maintenance for that post with all the things that I do on the site.