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Gaia: A Fantasy Webcomic Graphic Novel

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“Gaia : The odyssey of Ilias Oter and his friends” is a fantastic new webcomic that has been released by the creators of the comic strip Sandra and Woo. It deals with some students that are getting ready to graduate from the Academy of Cania that teaches both the martial and arcane arts. A school that will teach it’s students how best to deal with danger and prepare them for their life to come outside of the school. At the beginning we see the main characters as being Ilias, Lilith, Ryn, Alissa and Sandril. Each have their own unique and distinct personality, some of which clash quite a bit as seen in the conflict between Ilias and Sandril.

Sandril is the boyfriend of Lilith but Ilias wishes it was he who was her romantic interest. The main problem is the Lili, as Ilias calls her, sees him more as a very best friend instead of a romantic interest. At least he doesn’t push himself on her and doesn’t talk about her like Sandril. It is Sandril’s attitude that actually puts the two into a non lethal duel. I can see that these two are going to give a lot of interesting twists with the plot.

30 Days Of Night Dark Days

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Why did they even bother to make this film. It was choppy with the way that the scenes were put together and some of the actors in the film just didn’t seem to fit at all. I know it is a vampire film with blood and guts and even a nude and a sex scene but this looked like they took a bad Sarah Connor Chronicles script and just put vampires in it, making it even worse. Sure there are worse ways to spend 92 minutes but I think I would have rather been at the dentist getting a tooth pulled then watching this piece of film. While the first film had some class and substance this one was made to wipe your ass with. It was just that good of a crap.

For Love Of Evil

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This is book 6 of Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony and is the story of Satan himself and his centuries long interaction with all of the other incarnates, even with the gods of old. Perry is the child of a peasant that is abducted by the lord of the manor and forced to be the son of a sorcerer. It is the raising of his youth and the tragedies of his life that make it possible for him to actually save all of mankind from total chaos. The only thing is is that he and the other Incarnations do not know it yet. It will take centuries for him to piece it all together and figure it out before he can truly love once again.

It is near the end of the 12th century and there is a horrible drought upon the land and nothing seems to be able to stop it. The area needs rain and not any prayer or wishing is helping at all. The lord of the land needs to find a way to make sure that the crops grow or both he and his peasants are going to starve to death before any help might find them.