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Hudson Hawk (1991)

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This is a fun adventurous film that really didn’t get the press that it should have. It was played down by the critics because they just could not understand what it meant to just have fun and watch a comedy. Sure the film has faults but it is an adventure and not some serious muckity muck drama that was so loved by the idiot critics of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Hell those same critics said all our favorite films were doomed to fail, yea, right… Anyway, this is a fun film that stars Bruce Willis as the Hudson Hawk, an ex cat burglar that is just trying to get his life together. It is a hoot to watch and the songs in the film will stick in your head for days and then stick some more when you hear them from another source. Considering the music it is not all that bad and Bruce does have a good singing voice. The ladies will especially love his renditions and his quirky mannerisms in the film. Hawk is definitely a hawk when it comes to charming those that are around him.


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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

Elements is purely puzzle, and simplicity at its best. There’s a little history behind this game, and I quote from the page “The discovery of the `Alchemy Treatise` by Leonardo Da Vinci provides an incomplete formula for creating the Elixir of Life.” You are to take the notes from DaVinci’s assistant and find ways to combine elements into new elements, from the basic four, fire, water, air, and earth. Bring into the game rain, forests, lightning, and other cross-elements together to distill a new unknown elements. Crisscross over puzzles that become more intense as you discover new elements, and swap over to one elements match to itself until you puzzle contains the minium amount of the elements left, then go to the next stage. Elements is very addictive, and I really did not want to stop to write this review. It got a little bit straining on the eyes though, so it was time to stop. Elements is a game that will most definitely be enjoyed over and over again.