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Red Ninja: End of Honor

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Red Ninja: End of Honor is about a young girl becoming a ninja. This game set back about 500 years ago in Japan. This young girl is name Kurenai. Kurenai had a family but a group of ninjas name The Black Lizard clan killed her family and Kurenai was left to hang on the tree, but she was still alive. A ninja master name Mochizuki founded Kurenai hanging up to a tree and took her off the tree and help her train to becoming a ninja. Now Kurenai is a ninja and she will get her revenge from The Black Lizard Clan and save Japan from evil. This game is a pretty good one to play. I love this game so much, but there are two problems in this game and bugs me a little bit. The first problem is camera The camera follow me around a lot. I stopped moving Kurenai when I turned the camera around.