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Sniglet of the Day : April 9

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Sniglet Of The DayMilkanex (milk-a-necks) n. The ring around the spout of a gallon of milk that usually sits around on a counter top after being twisted off.

Those little rings from the tops of a milk jug only really serve two purposes. !.To hold the milk in before you open it to ensure freshness, and 2.A cat toy. Before it becomes a cat toy, it is a milkanex. It just gets pulled off the milk jug, and and sits there on the kitchen counter until one just throws it away, or gives it to the cat. Sometimes Fluffy or Midnight won’t wait and will steal the milkanex on her own. If the milknex does show up in an odd place, just remember not to try to vaccum it up, or throw it away. That milkanex simply got away from the cat toy stash, and Kitty will most likely be searching for it. They find many purposes for milkanexes, but they seem to be too complex for a human mind. Don’t try to figure it out. A cat’s thinking process is more difficult to figure out than that of Congress in an election year, but at least the cat knows exactly what it wants. If only our elected officials could as easily satisfied with a milkanex.