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I Captured The King Of The Leprechauns

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Part of the Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color TV series this Disney Special episode was done to help promote the then new film Darby O’Gill and the Little People. It is a carefree heart warming look at how the idea for the film came about in the first place. Walt Disney has always been a story teller and has always wanted to make us believe in that which we normally don’t even consider. We get a wonderful glimpse into that mindset with this TV episode that aired on the 29th of May in 1959. At that time there were no color TV sets so it is all in back and white but that in no way takes away from the charm of this piece. It reminds me of the days in my youth when everyone would gather around the tiny 9 inch TV to watch what was happening around the world. Disney made those times even more fun, more so then they are now.