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X-Men First Class : Everything Has A Begining

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This film shows us what the possible origins are of some of our favorite comic book heroes and villains. We even see from extrapolation the origins of others as well that are not even in the film just by seeing the powers that are used by others in the film. It is truly amazing how many heroes were made just because Charles Xavier, Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Magneto met and became friends. It is had not been for his experiences at the hands of the Nazis, Erik Lehnsherr might have actually been a force for good instead of just a convenience for good while he was seeking revenge.

Tremors (1990) A Rumble From The Past

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Remember when Sci-Fi was actually good? Remember when you looked forward to that next Sci-Fi creature film that you saw on the TV or on a trailer at the theater? Remember when you actually wanted to see them no matter how corny they were? Well this film don’t back at the end of the 80’s and beginning of the 90’s will take you back to those days. There are no CGI effects in this film but instead are the classic tricks and special effects that made moves of that time so good. Sure you might see a wire or two now and then but does it really matter? This film invites you to get invested in the characters, if gives you a story that you can follow easily so that you can just sit back and enjoy it. It isn’t complicated, there are no emo vampires or space aliens with identity issues, it is simply man versus a freak of nature and how they can overcome it. It is fun, witty and even comedic at times but still a classical horror sci-fy creature film that is going to excite and delight you.