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Down Periscope (1996)

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Down Periscope is one of those movies that you just keep coming back to. It’s not the best or the brightest, but it never ceases to be funny, and no matter how many times you watch it, you can’t help but laugh. This movie came out in the mid-90s when there were a bunch of Tom Clancy-based nuke sub movies out, and this was a great spoof on them.

Swing Vote (2008)

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This is one of those “Hmmm, It could happen…” films that takes a satirical look at our election process and the media frenzy it causes. Every outlet wants to be the first to break the really big story, but this story could not happen to a more simple man. Bud Johnson(Kevin Costner) is the small town guy who lost his big dreams to “insourcing” and beer. His daughter, Molly(Madeline Carroll) is really the adult in their family, as she is the one who makes sure he gets to work on time, and does the cleaning and cooking in their little double-wide mobile home in Texico, New Mexico. Texico is a Southwestern crossroads desert town filled populated with people from all colours and creeds in the region. The biggest employer in Texico is a local egg farm and processing plant, which is where Bud works.