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King Arthur Extended Unrated Version Directors Cut

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The film is promoted as “The untold story that inspired the legend” and from the way that the story unfold you can see that in this movie. This is not just another rehash of the legends of Arthur and has sword Excalibur but a version that would be closer to the actual truth of how King Arthur came to be. We don’t have all of the mystical musings of a fevered Christian mind but a telling that is based in part by archaeological findings. The film is entertaining, fun to watch and is suitable for the whole family to see. It is true that there are some horrific parts in the film that might not be for the very young but it is not gruesome as some films are now days.

Pirates of the Caribbean : The Curse of the Black Pearl

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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was the first in what we thought was a trilogy featuring Johnny Depp (of Alice in Wonderland) as Captain Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack is a pirate with a dubious reputation. He is resourceful, yet bumbling, often drunk, but charming, quick not only on his feet, with his wit as well. He is the former captain of the Black Pearl, a ship that now has shredded black sails and is rumoured to be cursed and manned by the undead. The current captain is Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush of Mystery Men), whom has a fearsome reputation, and is not quite as charming as Jack. People in the various Caribbean colonies tend to quake in fear when the Black Pearl comes to their shores.