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Hidden Object Crosswords

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FunFactor: ★★★☆☆ 

The title of this casual game says it all, Hidden Object Crosswords, takes two of the world’s best loved forms of puzzles and has melded them into one rather timely and difficult game. This is one game you cannot rush through. Even though you might know exactly what the word is for the crossword using the clues, you still need to find the the object in the pictures that accompany the puzzle. Sometimes, the objects are a bit archaic-looking, and you might not recognize them for what they are supposed to be at first. Logic and keen eyesight are your best friends when taking on this challenge. If you are of an MMO mindset, where you feel you need to rush through the game to get to the end, then Hidden Object Crosswords is not for you. This takes skill and thought, which many rushing gamers tend not to use.