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Katamari Damacy

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Katamari Damacy is one of the PS2 game classics and I like this game. The game is fun and weird. You need to get drunk or get high to play this game. This game is about rolling up objects, people, animals, or anything to make a star in the sky. Yes, you are making stars because the King of Cosmos got wasted while knocking all the stars out of the sky including the moon. So it your job to make stars go back in the sky and the moon as well. The gameplay is confusing at first, but it is pretty good.
The controls are more confusing than the game. You are using both of the analog sticks to move the ball. At least this game is on the PS2 not on 360. If this game was on 360, the controls will be more confusing and harder. The graphics are alright in this game. They don’t look terrible or great, the graphics looks OK. The soundtracks are happy music. It is pretty good if you are high. The game is great but it is short. That’s OK. It will help you relax. Your kids will love this game as well. You will find this cheap today. So, if you are angry at some of your games today, play this game instead.