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Tropico 5 from Kalypso Media

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Tropico 5 is the latest version of the Tropico Series that Kalypso Media and Haemimont Games has released and is one hell of a city builder. It was released for download by the Kalypso Launcher on May 23rd with great anticipation from gamers. Even though Tropico 4 and Tropico 3 has some issues gamers looked to 5 to fix those and keep the series alive. In some ways this is true but in others it just isn’t so.

Some gamers, the more vocal ones, are calling this game just a reason for the two companies to sell DLC add-ons for stuff that should already be there. You will notice that the stars that have been given do not reflect some of what I am saying here. The reason is that as a stand alone product is is a very good game. When looking at it with the rest of the series in mind it is lacking in many ways.