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Air Force One (1997)

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Terror is on the rise and Russia asks the help of the United States to get rid of a radical general in Kazakhstan, Ivan Radek (Jurgen Prochnow). Moscow sees him as a terrorist and it is now in the best interest of the United States to see that he is removed from power. That is what starts the wild ride that you have with Air Force One. James Marshall (Harrison Ford), the President of the United States is in Moscow to make a speech congratulating Russian President Petrov (Alan Woolf) for the capture of Radek. Marshall sets the room aflame with his speech as it is not the one that was written form him, instead he tells those in the room and all those watching the even all over the world that terrorists and terrorism will no longer be tolerated. He vows that he and his administration will do everything in its power to make sure that human suffering due to the atrocities performed by others. He basically puts all terrorists on notice and is almost daring them to do something about it. Little does he know that someone is already planing on doing something about it and that the plan for it has already been set in motion.

Judge Dredd 1995 Movie

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This film is full of action and plot twists that can entertain even those that would hate it. The haters are the die hard fans that didn’t like the fact that Dredd’s helmet was removed. I know it wasn’t in the comic and that threw me at first but you have to get past little things like that to be able to enjoy this film. This film does have the grittiness that is in the comics and I feel that the film does pay homage to that, so quite thinking about the damned helmet. There is so much more to this film then the helmet, there are explosions, intrigue, treachery, horror, blood and hover bike chases. There is even a bit of humor in the film, though I will admit it needed more humorous pranks to stay truer to the comic. As an action movie based on a comic book this film does well, better then some other comic book films and you know what I mean. You will not be bored watching this film.