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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

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Not many kids get to enjoy a Vernian-style adventure once in their lifetime, but in a span of less than five years, Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) gets in on two, thanks to the adventure-seeking members of his father’s family. He is really not enjoying his move to Dayton, Ohio (oops! Since when to palm trees grow in Dayton?) and his mind is preoccupied with finding Jules Verne’s “Mysterious Island”. Considering that this is the kid who travelled from a dead Icelandic volcano to a live one in Italy by trekking and sailing under the earth itself, finding this island might be quite a feat to add to his list. He gets a code from the HAM radio, and he is sure it is his grandfather telling him where the island is. After finding out the code with some help from his stepfather, Hank (Dwayne Johnson), whom was a codebreaker in the Navy, they find the coordinates to the island, which puts it near the island of Palau, and they fear that Grandpa Alexander (Micheal Caine) might be in trouble. Sean gets Hank’s permission to go to Palau and search for the island, so long as Hank goes along with him.

Mysterious Island (TV 2005 Miniseries)

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This version of Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island by Echo Bridge is dubbed “The Most Thrilling Adventure Unknown To Man” by them on the DVD cover and in the promotional material as well. The miniseries does have some thrills but not as much as you would expect with the name Jules Verne in the title. While the show was entertaining and a good addition to any DVD collection it did have some drawbacks that had nothing to do with the story or main character acting. Most of the problems were with the special effects that were used in the film. You see volcano smoke that is not firmly anchored to the top of the mountings, the bottom of the smoke cloud kept moving around. While I understand that smoke does move it does not shift at the top of a hole when it is filling the entire hole. Something like that is not possible, not even in a fantasy setting. Also the blue/green screening was not well executed, the action being filmed was not tracked correctly by the special effects team. It is things like this that you need to try and forget when watching the film. Unfortunately they did a good job with the spiders, I really hate spiders. The rate was fair but the speed it was running did not match up with the landscape like it should and the snake was a bit too rubber looking but was better then the snakes that were seen in other films that we have reviewed.

Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

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Jules Verne brought us wonderful stories, and Hollywood has both good and bad luck adapting them. This 1959 adaptation is one of the best, and still a classic which people never get tired of seeing. The main cast is small, James Mason as Sir Oliver S. Lindenbrook, a genius geologist who does not care for the fripperies and little details of fashion and entertaining the people of his class in Scotland are so worried about. He is all about the science, and even his housestaff scolds him when he gets lost in his work. Dr. Lindenbrook’s ward is his niece, Jenny (Diane Baker). Jenny also is the fiancee’ of Lindenbrook’ student,
Alexander ‘Alec’ McKuen (Pat Boone). McKuen is often doing whatever he can to gain the professor’s approval so he can impress him and make himself look better in Lindenbrook’s eyes. He is torn between devotion to his science and to his intended bride, but when he comes across a an unusual rock in a curiosity shoppe, he brings it to the professor. The rock is a igneous sample native to the volcanoes in Italy, but its weight is way too heavy. The professor takes the rock to his lab, and due to a small explosive accident, he finds a plumbob inside the rock with three notches on it. The plumbob is made from one of the heaviest rocks on Earth, one native to Iceland. The mystery is, how does a rock from Iceland pop out of a volcano in Italy?

Review: Jackie Chan – Around The World In 80 Days From Walt Disney Pictures

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Around The World In 80 DaysJackie Chan starred in the Walt Disney classic Around The World In 80 Days. This is by far one of the best Around The World In 80 Days films to date. At least that is what I feel. It gives so much more to the characters and they are not dry or dull like in previous incarnations of films with the same name. If Jules Verne saw this version I think that he would instantly fall in love with it. This one is definitely a family classic that will be enjoyed by generations to come.

With that said, I would have to rate Arnold Schwarzenegger’s portrayal of Prince Hapi as a scene that would have been better off left on the cutting room floor. The guy is a great actor in his own right, but as this one character it just didn’t work right. It seemed forced and thrown in at the last minute to boost ratings or something. Remember, that is my opinion and may not be what actually happened, it just feels that way.