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Sniglet of the Day : February 26

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Sniglet Of The DayJukejitters (jook’ jit erz) – n. Fear that everyone thinks that you picked the awful tune emanating from the jukebox when it was actually the person before you.

Timing must be everything when it comes to choosing music, especially at the local watering hole or Waffle House. It can be scary when someone was up at that jukebox before you and picks an obscure B-side piece, and it plays right before your choice of either the latest top 40 hits or something pretty amazing that you heard on the new music programme on the radio and you were lucky enough to find here. Now for that obscure B-side piece, where did it come from, and how could that other patron in the club or restaurant know about it? Was it a college student that was lucky enough to find an indie band in this particular jukebox? Do indie bands even make it into jukeboxes? Maybe it some hippy-dippy oldie that is better off listening to while at a Rastafarian party while passin’ de Dutchie to de lef-hand side, mon. No matter what might have been chosen before your ensemble of kickin’ party tunes, you might just get those jukejitters until the song is over, but once that great new song starts, you will save face, because how could someone who picked such a good song have picked the previously bad one? One way to avoid the jukejitters, just don’t bother with the jukebox. You know you have better stuff waiting in the car when you get back out.