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Casper (1995) Can his Kat save him?

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Almost everyone knows who Casper the friendly ghost is. The child ghost that desperately wants a friend and to not be the play thing of his uncles Fatso, Stinky and Stretch. They look after him in the afterlife and love to scare anyone that might come around. Casper will do just about anything to get a friend of his own, to be able to laugh and play with someone his own age, a 12 year old that just wants to have fun. This film takes us on a journey of discovery and fun to show us all about Casper and to what lengths her will go to to get what he wants. This is a fun loving film that the whole family can enjoy. Casper is one of those films that you love when you see it but fades from your memory as time goes on. Its sad to say that with all that keeps going on in the world that all family films are that way and we just need to be reminded just how good the film was. Images and words from the films to make us remember them all over again and give us a desire to see them once again. Maybe this review will get you to go out and watch it again or even watch it for the first time.

Incarnations of Immortality – With A Tangled Skein

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The third book in the Incarnations of Immortality series written by Piers Anthony takes us on a journey of discovery and wonder and shows just how tangled the web of fate can truly be. In With a Tangled Skein, Fate is actually three people all living in just one body. Clotho, the maiden, the spinner of threads, the one who makes the thread of life. Once a month she goes into the void to retrieve the purest of materials to make her strands. Only she is able to go there of the three aspects. Some of the other Incarnations can but seldom do, the one that she does encounter stands in her way. Lachesis is the weaver of the tapestry of time. It is her job to take the threads that have been measured and then place them into the tapestry so that people can be born into the world. She can also tweak the weave to unravel kinks that always seem to happen at the worst times in history. In this way she is able to make sure that life continues on as it should. The third aspect of Fate is that of Atropos, she is the one who measures and cuts the threads that Clotho weaves and Lachesis weaves into the tapestry. Without them there would be no life as we know it.

The Loveable Spinnerette from KraKow Studios

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Spinnerette is a a webcomic by KrazyKrow and drawn by Walter Gomez. In a world that is full of super heroes and super villains, much like in Sky High, life goes on as usual. In this wondrous world there is a college grad student Heather Brown, a genetics major that is about to have her life changed forever. She is a bit of a klutz but a hard worker as well that is willing to work cheap in Dr. Lambha lab for both credit and to pay for tuition. He has her working night and day on his crazy experiments until her own clumsiness makes life even more interesting. She falls into the very machine that she is trying to do repairs and maintenance on as her wrench falls on the activation switch. So focused on what she is supposed to be doing her first though is that the good Dr. Lambha is going to kill her, figuratively of course. It’s not until she crawls out of the machines pool that she realizes that she has been infused with the DNA of a spider and has grown two more sets of arms.

Deep Within A Faerie Forest

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This music CD from Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule is full of haunting beauty and graceful pagan notes. This is truely their feel good about yourself and everything around you CD. It is a ceremony of nature and the praise to the spirit world around us. Gary and Wendy take us on a journey of discovery and through the myths and homes of the Faerie. This is a must have collection of music for every pagan and most SCA people as well. It is full of soft notes and strong passion to excite the mind and fill our heads with images of wonder and magic. If you were to have only one album from these artists this would be the one to have. Once you listen to Dance Of The Wild Faeries you will never forget it and will always want to have it around to listen to again and again.