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The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns

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When it comes to making magical live action fantasy movie epic for television, no one seems to do it better than Hallmark, and The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns lives up to the reputation. When Jack Woods (Randy Quaid) is sent from a New York real estate development company to look into buying up some properties as vacations villas, he has no idea that he will become part of a war between two factions of mystical little people, the Leprechauns and the Fairies. The Fairies are are structured society, wardens of nature, and make sure everything works properly. The seasons, the weather, and plant life. Leprechauns are free spirits, always looking for a good time, and they are providers of mischief and partying. This sounds very much like the Kurzicks and Luxons of Guild Wars : Factions. ….But wait there’s more! Not only is this about a feud between factions of little magical people, but it is also a new retelling of an old classic, Romeo and Juliet.

The Prince & Me: The Elephant Adventure

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This is the fourth movie in a franchise about a pair of young royals. King Edvard (Chris Geere) and Queen Paige (Kam Heskin) of Denmark are celebrating their first anniversary, and they have been invited by the King Saryu of Sanyoon (Vithaya Pansringarm), a small country in southeast Asia, to attend the wedding of his daughter, Princess Myra (Ase Wang) to a wealthy businessman, Kah (Prinya Intachai). Soren (Jonathan Firth) is now Edvard and Paige’s personal assistant, and will of course, be coming along. There are several problems for the royal family of Sanyoon to contend with. There is a rebel faction in northern Sanyoon, the Red Ming, that is said to be wanting to overthrow the Sanyoon government. Princess Myra is marrying Kah under duress. She is in love with a staff member in the palace, Alu (Amarin Cholvibul). Alu works in the stables at the palace, and has been Myra’s friend and confidante for years. There is another player whom cannot speak for herself in Sanyoon, but she cannot speak for herself. She is an Asian elephant, Kayla. According to tradition, the wedding cannot take place without the blessing of one of the line of mystic elephants, and Kayla is the avatar of one of these elephants. Kayla goes missing a week before the wedding, and Edvard, Paige,and Soren are going to look for her. King Saryu sends along Rayen (Selina Lo), as their guide. Rayen is excellent tracker, and knows the jungles well.

The Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding

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The Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding takes place not long after the first movie. Kam Heskin has replaced Julia Stiles as Paige Morgan, but this works because two more films came after this one in the franchise, and Kam is not as well-known as Julia, but has a much fresher attitude to the series. Luke Mably comes back as King Edvard. Queen Mother Rosalind is played by 90s Bond Girl Maryam D’abo, and Retired King Harrald by David Fellowes. The practical and safe security guard, Soren, is back as well, and played by Jonathan Firth. Yes, that is Colin’s younger brother, by the way.